Issue 8

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Zoom by Eleanor Bradley

Peppermint by Quentin Brown

Solo by Nina S. Paldof

Loneliness Explained by Jenny Blackford

Mutability by Rana Shabibi

Solitude is a Christening Chamber by Olaewe David Opeyemi

After your attempts to hug them failed by Olivia Walwyn

Come the Monsters by Jaq Evans

self hug by Elinor Clark

cold heights by John Gallas

Watch For Me by E. A. Colquitt

Blake’s Riddle by William Christofides

silence by Diane Jackman

Gods of Time by Katrina Dybzynska

Shtetl by Monika Trotula

Licking the messages from gods by Katrina Dybzynska

A change of skin by Mari Ellis Dunning

A point of light by Helen Jones

The Orangery by Gale Burns

Where the sun was by Harsh Ramchandani

Stranger in the mirror by Shahida Seedat

Recognising Love by Jenny Lane, Paranoia.exe by Adrian Encomienda

Words removed by the OED in 2030 by Vic Pickup

The Next Slide by Dawn Vincent

Onomatopoeia by Amber Denwood

Standing Mamma by Li-Li Nectar Bennett

Northern Rail by Jamie Atkinson

How far Pluto is from the Sun by Roy Duffield

All the colours in the sky by Paul Alex Gray

Cromer Dusk by Olivia Walwyn

Obsidian by Eve Thomas

Almost her by Pam Knapp

Bee Girl by Avra Margariti

This one kind of jellyfish doesn’t die by Lisa Byus

Vorest Boar by Bethany Handley

Coedcerdedd by Anna Powell

Silver clouds, blue and white checks by Diana Story

Space Gun by M Chambers

Dreamers by Rob McGuire

Sputnikola by Lew Furber

Club Kids by Alex Matraxia

The Open Drawer by Alice Willington

Red Shoes by Kathrine Machon

Kelafonia, 2015 by Angeliki Ampelogianni

The Conservatory by Rosemary Doman

Mother II by Samiha Meah

Moving again by Molly Howell

Teenage Affection by Anindita Sarkar

I’d like to spend a day within your mind by Sam Hickford

Vasili’s Pendant by Gary Thomson

The Catacombs of Coal by Jane Burn

The Cell by John Pietaro

Serving a Sentence by Tithi M

Taking pictures at funerals by Romina van Maaren

Unseen, Unspoken and Lost by Issy Flower

Fissure by Stella Miriam Price

Harmonics by Susan C. Waters

Isolate my thoughts too by Muslimat Tinoula Fatokun

Space Dust by Lou Siday

Night from Živogošce by Rachel Baxter

Who’s the traitor? by Malcolm Buller

Synonyms for a political career by Rob Lowe

Dulce et Decorum Est-19 by Paul Dunne

Whirlpools by M.J. Bourne

This is where we meet by Sorcha Sheehy Williams