Onomatopoeia by Amber Denwood (Lucent Dreaming Issue 8)

If I could crack my spine
  like you can crack your knuckles
or like I can crack your patience
or like lightning cracks the oak.
Then I would crack my spine.
Clean, right down the middle.
Just to see what I keep inside.
What secrets my bones hold.

I know each crack along my vertebrae
is one split closer to the end.
But wouldn’t it be worth it
to fully understand what I carry with me?
To see just how far I bend?

If I could crack my spine
  like the thunder cracks the clouds
then maybe I could crack my ribs too
and then I could really breathe.
Maybe I could crack my skull
and watch the things I think come spilling out.
Maybe I could crack my heart wide open
and let me feel the things I feel.

Amber Denwood is a queer writer from Manchester, UK. She enjoys writing about her favorite music and feminism, as well as trying her hand at poetry here and there! She hopes her writing can help bring a little more diversity to the literary world. If not, well, she’s having fun trying.
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