Whirlpools by M.J. Bourne (Lucent Dreaming Issue 8)

I’m not under an illusion,
you weren’t sent from up above.
But what makes my heart beat faster?
Well, it simply isn’t love.

I make my own decisions in life
and I really don’t follow fashion,
but though you pervade my thoughts and dreams,
well, it simply isn’t passion.

I just want to be in your presence
and to see you is a must.
Your embrace is what l long for most,
but this simply isn’t lust.

I cannot function day to day,
you’re everywhere it seems.
Yet when l close my eyes to sleep,
you’re right there in my dreams.
I can’t summise how you make me feel,
though it’s fuzzy, warm and whole.
For you touch my heart,
you liberate my mind and
you infiltrate my soul.

M.J. Bourne attended the University of Worcester and graduated with a first-class joint degree in English & Literary Studies and American Studies in 2010. Having lived in Worcester all of her life, M.J. is currently a full-time, unpaid carer who enjoys theatre, music, photography, poetry, painting and a variety of crafts -when time allows!
In 2018, M.J. had her first poem ‘Realisation’ published in An Anthology of Hope (ed. Hilary Coveney) but generally writes poetry solely for her own enjoyment.
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