Night from Živogošće by Rachel Baxter (Lucent Dreaming Issue 8)

Cracked black velvet backs rise
From glistening gold indigo shores.
Piercing the veil, bright blinking pinheads
Cast anti shadows into the depth.
Downy white across the deep V
Hides the light then gone, bright.
Serpents, slight, barely visible,
Zig then zag, high then low.
Glowing mites move back and forth
Then give in to the yielding edge.
The distance far and inky, but palpable,
A heavy, warm, breathable soft.

Rachel Baxter, Londoner, previously unpublished. Inspired by sound and vision. I saw John Hegley perform when I was 12, loved poetry ever since. When not writing I can be found trying my hand at upholstery, rock ‘n’ roll and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
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