Standing Mamma by Li-Li Nectar Bennett (Lucent Dreaming Issue 8)

Standing Mamma
I feel you
How many nights unslept
Your head is a globe on exhausted axes
And the bus doesn’t stop turning for you
You plant your feet like a martyr
Nothing will pull you from your sleeping baby
You stand by his side the whole journey,

Standing Mamma
I feel you
Up against the pole like Joan
Legs as wide as the Eiffel Tower
You stand bigger than any man before you,
After you
Your power-stance impenetrable
As weight of the world sinks into your souls
And in every swerve you are swayed but not shaken
Standing Mamma
I feel you.

Standing Mamma
I feel you
No seat could carry the weight of your heart
In this life, you will never rest again
You have surrendered every hour like Salvador
The bus ride is the longest for you
Sleep without sleep you rise again
Shoulders broad as daylight
You carry the weight of the world.

Li-Li Nectar is a born and bred Londoner who lives with the absolute love of her life – her 4 year old son Taro. Li-Li finds inspiration in her journey as a mother and single parent, and when not working or writing, can be found baking her speciality peanut-butter Vegan blondies.
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