Lucent Dreaming Issue 13


Independent magazine of creative writing.

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A5, 120gsm paper.


Troffea Confessional by Kale Hensley

Bhabi’s Abecedarian by Abu Bakr Sadiq

New Kinds by Zoe Adrien Lapa

Of the Sea by Rosie Guyer

Lengths by Kate Evans

In the Land of Red Windmills by Dann Castillo

Fool’s Moon by Elizabeth Kemball

Gutterball by Michael Bettendorf

Finale by Wendy Allen

Rosewood Chest by Madalena Daleziou

Strawberries and Cream by Rowena Newman

To the Low Church by AN Grace

Snare by Calhoun Crimin

maghrib by Sodïq Oyèkànmí

To the women who planted flowers inside my body by Michael Imossan

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