Lucent Dreaming Issue 12


Independent magazine of creative writing. Published March 2023

Cover image by Cerys Knighton. Featuring work from Libertad Ansola, Lucy Aur, Sidrah Zubair, Laura Hemmington, Douglas Gwilym, Matt Alton, Rachel Deyis, Jamie Woods, Amy Kitcher, Oliver Shrouder, Rowan Maddock, Jordan Nishkian, Rafiat Lamidi, Zaynab Bobi, Rosy Adams, Caitlin Tina Jones, Arundhathi Anil, Mathew Gostelow, Rakyah Assam, Rafiat Lamidi, Lily Abdo, Olivia Burness, Tracey Stanley, Emma Haworth, Mariam Varsimashvili, Sarah Turner, Busayo Akinmoju, Michaelmas, Rosie Clare Couch, Eleanor Gill, Rhys Mancell Smith, Christina Carty and Li-Li Nectar Bennett.

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A5, 120gsm paper.


My Grandfather’s Bed by Arundhathi Anil

Building my Dad by Lily Abdo

The Hands of Time Don’t Have a Mother’s Touch by Emma Haworth

Decimation by Rakyah Assam

Cadaver of Red Roses by Zaynab Bobi

Mo(u)rning Sacrament by Zaynab Bobi

Air by Rafiat Lamidi

Woman Moon by Sidrah Zubair

Ode to my toddler by Li-Li Nectar Bennett

Hand Me Down by Rosy Adams

I did not understand the completeness of living with you until i lived with you by Oliver Shrouder

Automaton by Mathew Gostelow

Beyond the physical self by Katherine Bowen

An Ode to the Scarecrow by Caitlin Tina Jones

Orange Juice by Rachel Deyis

Still Life by Olivia Burness

Sock by Douglas Gwilym

Hocus Pocus by Lucy Aur

For Dad by Rosie Couch

Butterfly Effect by Amy Kitcher

Ship Log by Busayo Akinmoju

I fall into ribboned blue by Christina Carty

Then a Flash of Yellow in the Heat by Mariam Varsimashvili

The Mourning Coat by Eleanor Gill

Cloudburst by Tracey Stanley

All That Glistens by Sarah Turner

Routes by Jordan Nishkian

Return by Rhys Mancell Smith

In the Bus by Libertad Ansola

spoon sweets for the unbelievers by Laura Hemmington

Pain & Symptoms Diary by Rowan Maddock

Nature Versus by Jamie Woods

Morning Stroll by Matt Alton



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