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We are a quarterly print and online magazine publishing beautiful, strange and surreal short stories, poetry and artwork from a diverse range of contributors.


42626066_315883599191935_5612573708049711104_nLucent Dreaming is run by a team of volunteers who seek to draw out creativity in day-to-day life, grow and develop as writers/artists/people and, of course, publish the work of talented creatives in a beautiful magazine.


To writers/artists: We’re currently hosting a short story contest until October 21st and accepting short story and artwork submissions for issue 3. We also provide a professional proofreading service for fiction and non-fiction work, including short stories, short story collections, novels, theses and dissertations.


To readers/supporters: As an independent, volunteer-run magazine, we count on your purchases and donations to continue publishing awesome work in print. You can support us by buying a magazine, subscribing to our magazine, or becoming a Lucent Dreaming Patron on Patreon! Our proceeds go to funding our print run and sending contributor copies to our fantastic contributors.


Curious? Peruse issue 0 and issue 1 which are freely available to read on our website!




Lucent Dreaming is managed and created by our editorial board and staff.

Jannat Ahmed

22883205_1535761423179853_1794900611_nJannat is an English Literature graduate and expert project-starter. She enjoys anything she is capable of envying and secretly compares LD to Lovegood’s The Quibbler with confessedly more fiction. She is editor-in-chief at Lucent Dreaming.



Jess Beynon

xmcU6utu_400x400Jess is a year old graduate who now has an understanding of the real world (Spoiler: it’s only fun 2% of the time). She likes good ghost stories, sitting on tables and creating; whether it be stories or sketches, her mind is always racing about something. When she’s not editing issues of the fabulous Lucent Dreaming, she works at a theatre where she hopes to be a producer some day in the not too distant future. Best advice she’s been given? Either ‘Write drunk, edit sober’ (Hemingway) or ‘Be less like Hamlet and more like Iago’ (Unspecified Literature Professor).

Joachim Buur

22219163_1571884242872442_1070838002_oJoachim works as an English teacher and is one of Lucent Dreaming’s founding editors. He’s an average Jo on the outside, but half-geek-half-snob on the inside. When Jannat manages to rouse him, he makes the magazine’s covers and does other little odd jobs. He’s currently chipping away at a science fiction story, but can’t decide whether to write it in English or Dutch.
His motto? Eyes, being photonic receptacles, can seee light everywhere.


Jonas David


Jonas David is a science fiction writer living in the Seattle area. His stories have appeared in Fireside Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, IGMS and others. At Lucent Dreaming, he provides slush reading, article writing, and editing expertise. When he’s not distracted by Go or Chess, he enjoys babbling about his latest read, and lamenting the decline of thoughtful entertainment in our explosion-obsessed world. His own writing can be found at jonas-david.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @thejonasdavid.


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