Welcome to Lucent Dreaming, an independent magazine and book publisher for emerging authors and artists worldwide.

Although we now publish poetry collections, novels and anthologies, we began as a creative writing magazine, launching our first website for submissions on October 31st 2017. Our first magazine launched in April 2018 and we continue to produce a biannual print, online and audio magazine for beautiful, strange and surreal short stories, poetry and artwork. We are based in Cymru.

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Curious? Peruse issue 0 and issue 1 which are freely available to read on our website!


Lucent Dreaming is managed and created by our editorial board and staff.

Jannat Ahmed

Jannat is co-founder and director at Lucent Dreaming. 

Samiha Meah

Samiha is an English Literature and Creative Writing Student at Cardiff University (after a brief but painful attempt at Undergrad Psychology). She’s currently enjoying her second year as she works at Lucent Dreaming, learning the ropes of the literary world. Despite writing from a young age, she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of writing a bio. You can find her on Twitter @sammymeah.

Jonas David


Jonas David is a writer of strange fiction living in the Seattle area. His stories have appeared in Fireside Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, IGMS and others. At Lucent Dreaming he is a fiction editor and sometimes article writer and slush reader. When he’s not reading or writing, you’ll likely find him playing chess, watching murder mysteries, or looking at birds. His own writing appears on jonas-david.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @thejonasdavid.

Joachim Buur


Joachim works as an English teacher and is one of Lucent Dreaming’s founding editors. He’s an average Jo on the outside, but half-geek-half-snob on the inside. When Jannat manages to rouse him, he makes the magazine’s covers and does other little odd jobs. He’s currently chipping away at a science fiction story, but can’t decide whether to write it in English or Dutch.
His motto? Eyes, being photonic receptacles, can see light everywhere.