Issue 4

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Lucent Dreaming Issue 4 Online


Armchair Explorer by A C Clarke

Baintsí by Madeleine Milligan

A Peedie Heartbeat by Sarah Jessen

A Matter of Time in a Game of Chance by Lorraine Sadler

Rainbows and Black Tumours by Paul Edward Costa

Discovering Ghosts by William Christofides

Force Mechanism by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Threads of a Soft Language by Fatma Latif

Sylvestris by Erus Arthurs

After by Thea Schiller

The Rhythms of Anxiety by Ian Grosz

Soliloquy by Jeffrey Zable

Let There Be Music by Magdalena Elcira

Dreams, Vapour, Cold Drinks by Savanna Scott Leslie

O by Mari Lavelle-Hill

Like Dreams or Drainpipes by Jo Castle

one star, three times daily by Tomas Marcantonio

The Hitchhiker’s Rest by Adele Winston

it says be courageous by Logan Roberts

Flotsam by E. A. Fowler

Neptune’s Coquette by Joan McNerney