Force Mechanism by Aremu Adams Adebisi (Lucent Dreaming Issue 4)

how long before a knock turns to slap & beat
depends on force – before mutter, cry, yell
to growl. how long before these trickles turn
to tears and wails. how long before we break
into shipwrecks, shattered in the deep, pulled
out of ruins, a word stuttering from silence,
forcing its way down into thoughts, into action.
how long before a bird’s sigh becomes a song
we move a foot, an arm, then the body to dance.
we are either forcing the world or something
in the world is forcing us, or something deep
within us, inside our mind. how long before
we stop dumping ourselves into the wombs
of women without their consents. before war
turns landowners to immigrants in a foreign land.
before refugees have to stop selling their kidneys
to organ agents. before we stop running in circles.
force is an aggressive state of mind, an autodidact.
force is words like plunder, norms, colonisation.
force is a body living in itself clock-like, a clock
chiming but not really chiming, forced to breathe.

how long before we move from a handshake,
a kiss, an embrace to truly loving each other.


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  1. The Poet portrays the harsh reality but ends in a hopeful note. Thank you for sharing.
    Best regards

  2. Beautifully crafted, blesseth is the pen that bled ink moulded into such a masterpiece

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