Discovering Ghosts by William Christofides (Lucent Dreaming Issue 4)

[/Of course ghosts exist/
/There is too much evidence to deny it/
/See here, they leave their mark/
/Have you never been woken by that presence in the middle of the night and left feeling ill at ease/
/Have you never trembled in the locked inner room/
/The whole cosmos flees, and only that presence remains/
/Theirs is a terrible intimacy/
/A horrible, enthralling confrontation/
/For their visitations we dread and long/
/Oh, the sweet stabbing anguish/
/The raging of the blood/
/Last night I heard that whisper in my sleep/
/The soft touch of the fingers left me undone/
/I crumbled before the intangible presence/
/Earth felt the wound/
/I departed to the entrails of the deep/
/For one enduring moment my psyche vanished/
/A moment of utter Division and Anguish/
/Yes, of course ghosts exist/
/We each carry with us our haunted bodies/]


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  1. I didn’t feel spooky. Rather a feeling of thrill and excitement. Even ghosts can make you feel in a positive way, this is what I felt. Thank you for sharing this unique poem. Regards n best wishes

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