A Peedie Heartbeat by Sarah Jessen (Lucent Dreaming Issue 4)

A peedie heartbeat,
Yet strong and true.
Encased in liquid armour,
It’s just me, and you.

Connected more than through flesh,
Deeper than the rhythmic flow of the sea,
From maiden to motherhood,
Mind and body’s metamorphoses.

I do not fear you little one,
I rejoice at every surge.
Breathing you in and out
A natural, cleansing purge.

It’s time for you to grace these shores.
This vessel is ready to berth,
Back and forth, like the tender ebb of the tide,
As guided by Mother Earth.

You make your entrance with rush and flow,
And like that, the destination is reached.
But blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh,
The voyage is far from complete.

Peedie, adj. Small, tiny. (Orcadian dialect)


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