Issue 5

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The boy who knows all the park birds by name by Jacob Fowler
Tear Down the Aqueducts by Sam Kearns
Split Decision by Helen Laycock
The Paralysing Fear of Ending up a Side Character in Your Own Story by Mileva Anastasiadou
Firedrake by Diane Jackman
Words with the Dead by Adam Lock
The World Within Me by Elizabeth A. Nemeth
Repot by Megan Taylor
Into the Thicket by Aurora M. Lewis
Roots by Jenny Curtis
Ode to the Familial Village by Katie Aliferis
The Virtual Writer by Dan Brotzel
Mary Grace Never Happened by Sharon Mitchell
Two Hairdressers by Alexis Wolfe
Vultures are Led by their Sense of Smell by Kate Ferrier
The Cat in the Garden by Emily Boswell
Lead by Jenna Law
The Feeding by Helen Laycock
Nymphaea by Susan Nickalls
Thirst for Knowledge by Philip Berry
DP/DR by Valium Hippy
Heavy by Amy Long
Primal Energy by Katie Higgins
Sunday Morning by Sarah Evans
The Inevitable Summer by Subhadip Majumdar
The Experiment by C.N. Kunzli
Time has Stopped by Milton P. Ehrlich
Grey by Nicola Maclean