DP/DR by Valium Hippy (Lucent Dreaming Issue 5)

i once felt like
nothing in this big world of ours
would make my reponses fever
and that i completely lost
even the shallow emotions

blurred vision, brain fog
my surroundings were very alien
i can’t describe exactly
maybe a trance is the word

i felt as if
my limbs were never mine
and also as if
space and time were illusions

i knew everything in the universe
but at the same time i didn’t
i knew everything by heart
sort of predicted future events

i learned from that
when i was finally back
that my body is clever
it was protecting me
like a guard dog
or a heartbroken mother

it made me believe
that what i saw wasn’t real
but i was

i heard lady gaga say
that trauma is
the ultimate killer

that being said
my brain and my mind
were never the enemy

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