Issue 3

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Lucent Dreaming Issue 3 v13


The Middle of the Loch by Fleur Dijkman

It Snows Feathers when you Gaze at the Past by Alexandre Ferrere

Fear and Fairy Dust by Khadija Osman

American Summer by Harriet Compson

Sightseers by Eleanor Launchbury (2nd Place Winner of Lucent Dreaming’s Short Story Contest)

Skyline by Jeremy Mifsud

My Insides are Burning by Evan Sheldon

Under an Aurora Sky by Matt Kendrick

You Left me a Gift by Karoline Yesterdaye

Valentine by Sam Regal

Born from the Stars by Ewelina Kononów

City of God by Edward Vidaurre

Wonder is Always Around the Corner by Thomas Swain

The Sorrow and the Thunder by James Hayward

Belly’s Bakery by Madison Sotos (1st Place Winner of Lucent Dreaming’s Autumn Short Story Contest)