City of God by Edward Vidaurre (Lucent Dreaming Issue 3)

I woke up with the weight of my beard across my body. It had grown down to my feet. It was
thick and coarse. There were people living on it. From the braid on my chest I could smell the
food they were cooking. Down by my waist, my beard had the shape of hills with goats and other
animals running around. I saw giants by my ankles, gentle and helping little people move up
from the sheets by my feet. I sneezed and lost a race of people to the right side of my knees,
where down below my cat ate them all. Quickly from my mouth emerged millions of babies that
crawled to the open land where those same people fell off. By afternoon a city was built and by
nightfall the violence began. I closed my eyes and a darkness fell over them all. In my slumber I
could hear cries, moans and whispers of bad intentions. If this continues, I will shave in the
morning, keeping only a moustache where across my lips dwell a goddess and a man.


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