The Future of Lucent Dreaming Part 3: Book and Pamphlet Publishing

There’s some big news and exciting things to announce, so hold on to your hats:

In our last Future of LD post we laid out a plan to retrospectively pay all our contributors. Give or take a few working days for banks to do their thing, we’re glad to share that we’ve now either paid or initiated payments to every contributor who filled out our forms. Ahead of schedule, too! We’re grateful for everyone’s patience and trust on this, and so pleased that it went as smoothly as it did.

But you’re here for the big news, right? Well: we’re excited to announce that following our application earlier this year, we will be receiving funding from Books Council Wales for two issues of our magazine. Yes! Our little magazine. This funding will cover the cost of print, distribution, and paying contributors at our current rate. It will mean that money from sales, subscriptions and Patreon over the next year can be invested in the next phase of Lucent: book and pamphlet publishing.

Yes, you read it here not-exactly-first. You may already have seen our recent call for novella submissions, and our even more recent launch of a pamphlet competition for migrant, refugee and diaspora poets.

We’d love to publish at least one book next year. It would be a dream. We’re looking for one special novella to start, one that sits with or lifts you, and a poetry pamphlet to follow. We really want it to happen.

More than anything, over the next few years we’re striving to be more stable and sustainable, and much less reliant on lots of financial generosity from the editorial team. Unlike magazines, books have (pun-intended) a longer shelf-life. Books are reprinted. While our magazines are designed to live a long, long life, their format and genre mean they can’t be sold or distributed as easily. So, books!

Looking to the future, we hope that this funding from BCW will give Lucent Dreaming a window of time to grow and change for the better. There is so much room for us to improve and develop. In fact, yet another thing on the cards (if all goes well) is launching a brilliant new version of our website. We’ve already moved over to a new host, so our current website –as of a week ago– is powered by 100% renewable energy. Amazing.

But yes, there’s lots to look forward to. We’re currently reading and responding to issue 8 submissions, and in the midst of judging our short story and poetry contests. We hope to announce the winners by mid-August!

In the mean time, our limited edition hoodies arrived today. Check them out (pun not intended). I can attest to their comfort as I am finishing up this post wearing one.

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