Novella Guidelines

Word Limit: 15,000-40,000 words

Pay Rate: Advance fee of £100, 20% royalties on net profits for first 500 sales; 50% royalties on net profits for sales 500 onwards

Genres: Any, but with a preference for accessible literary and/or surreal fiction

Language: English

We enjoy fiction that is readable, especially writing that embraces and explores inner-lives, identity and society (our own or otherwise). We like fiction with characters we can root for and care about, and longer fiction where we see character development. We are currently interested in stories that explore love and relationships in all its forms, and loose retellings of classic stories, folk and fairytales.

You may submit whatever you want, but certain themes and plot types stand a significantly smaller chance. You may, however, take this as a challenge to write one of them exceedingly well and convince us!

For an easier time, avoid:

• Zombies, vampires, werewolves, especially sexy ones
• Elves, dwarves, and other fantasy scenarios that come across as LOTR fan fiction
• Fan fiction (This is illegal for us anyway!)
• Gratuitous gore/torture and other violence for the sake of violence
• Erotica

Please be aware that if we publish your novella, we will not be distributing our books to bookshops or online companies who we know to exploit their workers. Selling and reselling on these platforms will be highly discouraged and perhaps banned. As we know the life cycle of a book is long, we will instead set up our own reseller platform for people choosing to sell a previously purchased copy of any book published by Lucent Dreaming. We would prefer to minimise our financial support of these companies as, unlike established publishers, we are not currently dependent on that income and would like to remain that way.

Submissions Process:

Please email submissions to with NOVELLA SUBMISSION: STORY TITLE in the subject line by December 4th 2020.

Include your name, cover letter, and word count. Your cover letter should contain any publishing history, and anything about yourself you feel is relevant.

Submissions should be submitted as a .doc/.docx file and in standard manuscript format.

Any novella submissions will be considered alongside our novella competition entries as we will be able to publish only one story in print. Therefore, please expect to wait until February 2021 for a response.

Please only submit one story at a time. Wait until you’ve been accepted or rejected before sending us another story.

Although we do try to give feedback on many of the submissions we receive, if we’ve rejected a story previously, don’t submit it again unless we specifically asked you to–even if it’s been fixed up based on our suggestions. If you do submit it, we’ll reject it unread.

Please don’t send anything that is currently submitted elsewhere (simultaneous submissions). And please don’t submit stories that have been previously published in English, including stories you have published yourself, be it on your blog, or anywhere else.

If the story is published by Lucent Dreaming, you will be granting Lucent Dreaming the exclusive first right to publish the story in print, the exclusive first right to electronically publish the story on this website, and the right to republish the story in or in connection with Lucent Dreaming, including electronic or hard copy promotional material and printed compilations, provided that authorial credit is given in every instance of reproduction. As we have never published a book before, we will be open to discussion.

Lucent Dreaming licenses its published content (when modified, edited, presented, or formatted by Lucent Dreaming, i.e. our version of your work) as CC-BY-NC. If you have any questions relating to CC licensing, please contact us at