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Thoughts on… Editing [by Jonas David]

There isn’t always a hard line between the writing and the editing process. We run several versions of a sentence through our head before writing it; immediately after writing it, we may change the sentence again. Almost every time I open my document to do some writing, I’ll see a

Why we aren’t a paying market

Over the past 10 months since our Lucent Dreaming website opened for submissions we’ve been asked several times, both graciously and ungraciously, why we don’t pay our contributors. It isn’t a tough question to answer: we currently can’t afford it. When my friends and I started Lucent Dreaming with no

Thoughts on… Finding Inspiration [by Jonas David]

If you’re struggling to get inspired, take the pressure off. Read about how our Lucent Dreaming editor Jonas finds his inspiration!

Our Editors Talk Dreaming, Collaboration and Creativity – Watch our new video!

Feel like you’ll never reach your dreams or that your art is unimportant? Don’t believe that voice in your head! Listen to the LD editors talk dreams, collaboration and creativity in our new YouTube video.

Thoughts on… Dealing with Rejection [by Jonas David]

Rejections are tough, but we have a few tips to help you keep focused!

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