The Future of Lucent Dreaming

Things are changing at Lucent Dreaming, but we hope only for the better.

As you may have noticed, the past couple of months have been super busy for us, for very non-LD reasons. Paid work has consumed our lives and slowed us down a little. Issue 6, our long-awaited seditious issue, originally due to be published in print in October, is now going to be published in January. (We’re open for issue 6 preorders now.) Because of the extended delay, we’ll be shaking up our usual schedule and publishing pieces online before the print magazine is out, starting from next week.

Announcement Alert

But after issue 6, we will no longer be quarterly. We’re becoming a biannual magazine.

We’ve struggled with time this past year so we’re hoping this change to publishing in print twice a year will mean a longer period for people to submit, a more orderly editing and typesetting process and the chance to make the magazine truly special for those who purchase. It also gives us the opportunity to read and accept longer pieces. We’re now accepting fiction up to 20k words.

So, in preparation for issue 7, due to be published in April 2020, we’re open for fiction (400 – 20k words), poetry (up to 56 lines) and artwork submissions until December 10th. Our full guidelines, as ever, can be found here.

If you’d like to support us over the next year, please visit our Patreon page. All the money we raise there keeps Lucent Dreaming going, pays for the website and for our print run.

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