Category: Fiction

Silver Birch by David Hartley (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

“Take a seat.” It takes no speaking to see the doctor now. Just book online, then check-in on the touchscreen, then wait for your name, then open the door, then sit on the chair that is lower than his. She flutters down to it. He hasn’t looked at her yet. He’s looking at her record on the computer. Sparse, bare.

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Pavlova by Amy Barnes (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

Snowflakes fell like fluttery Parisian meringues. Anna’s thin jacket andpointe-shoe-pink silk pyjamas held off her shivering for but a moment. Her slippers were soon as wet as the sky. Christmas gifts scattered after the train’s crash, shiny paper and foppish bows bold against the bleak night. There was no rehearsal for this unexpected performance.No backstage practice. No on-stage marking.No costume

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Announcing our Pushcart Nominations

We’re delighted to share our Pushcart nominations from 2019 for 2020. We wish we could nominate all our published pieces, but as we can’t, here are six of our many favourites from 2019! ‘Force Mechanism’ by Aremu Adams Adebisi ‘The Rhythms of Anxiety’ by Ian Grosz ‘Baintsi’ by Madeleine Milligan ‘Threads of a soft language’ by Fatima Latif ‘The Virtual

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