You are so elegant by Sarah Simon (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

I have been floating on words
poured into me, by people. now I am looking looking
for anything to choke
this flow, so
compliment the cleavages of pointers at rest:
you stare through my fingers in the dark suspension of your bed they
are so lovely yes you are so
elegant and blameless, I’ve heard that before
WORDS just toss change
to a fountain of characteristics slurped to exhaust, like sweetness
the sweetness of exhausting trips from others’ lips to what they think of mine
you are so
looking looking tying a Windsor in half to sidestep regality but still I perch on crowns
DIVINE and all the remaining firmaments, I look for them
want to be called them and gleam and gleam to the sounds of others seeing them in me
but really it’s nonsense like screaming you are so elegant
skin seeming FAINTLY ALIVE, half-here FADING from this zone of knowing.
and that is why the transcendence is assumed and stuffed into and gorged upon
I seek not to be known, or swamped
so easily! but to hang from the cliffs of verbal climaxes
I am not drowning, no
just mellow.

he is telling me my profile resembles a mountain.
I am asking for a peak name. I want specifics and feeling.
I want to know what I am I know I am LIGHT-SKINNED and FRAIL and TRANSLUCENT. if that makes me OTHERWORLDLY then where am I?
you don’t want to say.
some ascent builds over our visceral lemonade stands.
I am offering while tired and unsuspecting
you are tossing me a nickel,
watch as I pour
all these
over, into
I have been drowning I have been drowning I want you to drown in me
And don’t breathe as you drown in this sea
of what I have heard is me you are so elegant

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