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Subhadip Majumdar, whose poem ‘The Inevitable Summer’ is published in issue 5 of Lucent Dreaming, is a writer and poet from India. He is certified in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. He was also a long-time editor for a reputed Bengali poetry journal. Subhadip has also written a short novel as Tumbleweed writer in Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France. Two poetry books have been published and one novel is in the process of publication. Books published on Van Gogh from New York and A Short Collection of Stories available on Amazon.

So, what inspired your piece ‘The Inevitable Summer’ and how did it find its way to Lucent Dreaming?

“The Inevitable Summer” is a poem on my own journey through life. The faces, the hallucinations, the fade in fade outs that I came across came out through words. I am an ever drifting Bohemian moving from places to places and I have a desire to see the whole world traveling. The poem is the most delicate and nearest way my heart speaks to the world.I sent my poem to “Lucent Dreaming” because I liked the name of the magazine. I am a dreamer. So where else I can send my poem but to those folks who dream with me?

What does writing and art mean to you?

Writing means life to me. I have sacrificed everything for writing and will do it throughout my life. I am a worshipper of words. I don’t know where I will reach but I give my best to writing and I know at the end of the day I have tried to touch my dream.

What are you most excited about right now and what writing/creative projects are you currently working on?

The most exciting thing now is that three of my poems on Europe including a long poem on Paris will be coming out in early 2020. I am at present working on the final draft of my first novel. Also I am hopeful in publishing a collection of short stories of mine that are published all over the world in international magazines.

Tell us about some of your favourite books or art you’ve experienced – of all time or more recently. Why are they favourites?

My Favorite writer is Ernest Hemingway. The day my mother passed away I was in a different city and shocked by the news I suddenly found out a book “A Farewell to Arms” in a bookshop. That helped me to sustain the time.Then “A Moveable Feast” on Paris changed my life completely.

Hemingway is my inspiration. When I reached his home in Paris and stood there, I still remember I cried and thought that at least I have reached one dream of my life.

About art, it’s Vincent Van Gogh obviously. When I visited Amsterdam the first thing I did was to run to the museum to see his original paintings. “The Sunflowers” ,”A Bedroom in Arles”, “The Yellow House” are my favorites.

What advice would you give those who want to do what you do?

Write. Just write. And read. As much you can. Follow your passion. Your love. You may lose everything but you will achieve what you love.

Where can people see more of you and your work?

I have an Instagram account with name subhadip_majumdar as well as Facebook account with the same name. There one can find all my links to my published works. Also a book containing my writings on Van Gogh titled “Ressurection of a Sun Flower” is available on Amazon.Here is the link to the Book :
Resurrection of a Sunflower

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