Maps and Rooms: Writing from Wales (Paperback, 2022)


ISBN 9781739660901

Published 14 June 2022


Maps are, in their simplest sense, the evidence of an exercise in tracing space driven by discovery. Rooms function as containers of precious things, of lives lived, the everyday, and the potential of consistent comfort, so long as the circumstances allow.

In this anthology, writers from across Wales provide literary reflections on maps and rooms, and reveal a long held and layered relationship with place.

Introduction by Umulkhayr Mohamed and Taz Rahman. Edited by Jannat Ahmed, Samiha Meah and Jonas David.



  • Introduction Umulkhayr Mohamed and Taz Rahman
  • Flames in the Rain Nia Morais
  • Rooms Durre Shahwar
  • Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, October 12, 1774 Marvin Thompson
  • How to Remove a Slaver’s Collar from your Neck (in Three Easy Steps) Marvin Thompson
  • An excerpt from Top Ten Tips for Surviving a Lynching Marvin Thompson
  • Raya and Tom Emily Burnett
  • Abbu Jaffrin
  • Abbu 2.0 Jaffrin
  • The Pilgrim Shara Atashi
  • Dead Woman Running Daniel Howell
  • Animal Wall Taz Rahman
  • On Writing Creative Non-Fiction Phil Okwedy
  • How can someone draw a map without lines, and why they should want to Umulkhayr Mohamed


All the anthology’s contributors were a part of Literature Wales’ 2021-22 Representing Wales programme which is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Wales.

Literature Wales is the national company for the development of literature
whose vision is a Wales where literature empowers, improves and brightens lives.

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