Long Live the Voice by Holly Cooper (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

and as the placards
i see the ghost
of a
red flag –
the distant lands of
centuries past
are among us

echoing with furious
leaders demanding
for those who cannot:

quietened by the inevitable
hail of bullets.

and yet they are never
scrawled words left
to loved ones
whisper rebellion

in turn
pages are written of
friends, lovers, brothers
beaten back by
those who would

fight for power
over truth

and through that expanse
we call
the murmurs creep;
across parchment, paper,
figures on a screen;
they meet, meld,
as we – as I – listen to those
who stood before us.

they edge into this century;
our century
for nothing ever changes
besides the names
of those who dare

and they clamour,
the strains of
the voice
weaving into
one final shout:

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