Encounter by E. Samples (Lucent Dreaming Issue 7)

I speak to the jeweled creature carefully
Not knowing if my height, volume, 
alien skin is frightening

Its exterior, an emerald case of ocean and wind design
A puzzling mix of purpose and randomness
As if within the pronouncements of infinite
indecipherable shapes and symbols
lies a holy skeleton key

Its glow, an act of sympathetic magic;
Captured sunlight refracted
My eye’s net pierces dimensions,
glimpses a wondered creation

On a lime coaster we move
as acolytes down reverent aisles
Together each movement calligraphy;
Quietest ruffle-resettling
I think it may fly
but all arms stay at ease

Once through the gate
we breathe soiled June and share
the prediction of our home’s demise
With blood and bread we approach an edge —
boundary between now and next —
and muse over the view together

E. Samples is from Appalachia and currently lives in the sweet corn maze of Southern Indiana, USA. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Honest Ulsterman, Twist in Time Magazine, Déraciné, Vamp Cat Mag, The Stillwater Review, Crêpe & Penn, Kissing Dynamite, The Cabinet of Heed, Fearsome Critters, and elsewhere.
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