Birdsonnet by Ask Vestergaard (Lucent Dreaming Issue 10)

Is this a bird I hear? This voice so sweet?
I greet the dawn and hear you gently sing:
your honeyed hums, melodious (tweet-tweet!)
croons (grrroo), your inhalations softly wing,
rise up and (grrroo) up till – CRESCENDO-oh!
You’re a soprano! God, my heart’s run through:
your song’s tuned sharper than Cupid’s arrow
‘Tis not a bird I hear, but you (who? whoooo?)
Though your (bok) song’s like one from beak and (bok)
uh, beak and plume (bok-bok), a song for bra–
(bok-bok-bok-bok) for BRANCH, AND FOR (ba-KAWK!)
for (cuckoo!) for (oo-oo-AA-AA-AA-AA!)
shit (KA-KAAW!). I, um, your voice is (wup-wup)
(cuckoo!) (who?) (quack!) (KA-KAAAAAAWWW) SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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