Birds of Paradise by Brianna Cunliffe (Lucent Dreaming Issue 11)

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I’ve always thought that synapses traveled
on wings riotous through the wires
and that the one that joined us two
had indigo feathers

and yes, it bucked and threw,
gnashing against these alchemizing scarcities
these elixirs sent down in beads from
the ozone where you are

but I never minded

because freed from the snarl of flight 
your words      unfurled 
crescent-moon feathers curved over chiming bones
your voice      arriving
a murmuration of starlings, awash in a tapestry of roots, 
their migrations     kept

according to whatever constellations
    scattered them down

you came to me  in fits and starts
through honeysuckle barbed-wire
as lightning, spasming  into flight
with its two searing wings

and I sing of the cacophony we make
every scribble   pixel  syllable

meeting in mid-air

Brianna Cunliffe is an environmental justice advocate and writer from North Carolina. She has been the writer-in-residence on the Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island, and her works focused on the sweet precarious of cherishing a world on the tipping point of climate crisis have appeared in Reckoning, Blind Corner, Storm Cellar, Claw and Blossom, and more.
@BriannaCunliffe | @Brie.Cunliffe

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