Red brick on the beach, by Shan Ahmed

The Sculptor by Julia Smith (Lucent Dreaming Issue 11)

I saw time, in a brick
I found on Valentine’s Day
While alone, walking
The headland, to Penarth
A bright deep orange
Flashing romantic red
A beacon glowing in the grey
Its corners carved
Smooth, sides softened
Pockmarked, planed away
By the Severn Estuary
Layer by layer
For longer than I could calculate
But which I could see, could feel
Time in the tale of a brick
I took home, to place on my mantel
So I could hear its story
Lives lived, lessons learned
It knows time, it has told me
And it is not a mathematician
But a sculptor
A vast ocean, rolling us in its waves
Sanding us into the earth’s story
Breaking us, down to the beauty
Leaving us as worn, and as wonderful
As a brick, that has lived a life
All at sea

Julia is a Cardiff-based writer, film postgraduate, and reluctant civil servant. She has self-published a book of poetry; Strange Times, a book of short ghost stories; Feel It All & Other Ghost Stories, and publishes regularly on her website. She walks too far, and can often be found outside, attempting to befriend the local wildlife.
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