The Gentle Wolf by E L Harrison (Lucent Dreaming Issue 7)

A gentle wolf resides on the horizon. A painter’s dream of aquamarine settles in the sky, the mystic palette come to life. A secret hue whose magic truly changes your perception.

There is teal in the heavens, aqua in the seas, and turquoise in the hidden in-betweens. This is a destination of the other-worldly that ripples in waves like tropical waters.

And by night, whimsy awakes with the supernatural rays that dance over northern skies. The spirits have ascended and in their wake the earth quakes with an energy that stems from stones hidden deep beneath sun-baked mountains.

There is a magic here on Earth, above it and below. On the wings of dragonflies and hummingbirds and locked in precious stones. Turquoise is the fairy that frolics in nature’s mystic realms.

And this is nature at its most harmonious: beautifully intertwined, neither blue nor green but a perfect in-between. Delicately powerful, ethereal, not-quite-seen. Electric- energy in a hue, refreshingly cool but with a softness too. This is the gentle wolf.

Ellen Harrison is from Yorkshire, and currently lives in Warwickshire. She is a recent graduate of Coventry University and holds a MA in Professional Creative Writing. Her work imbues the natural world with myth and magic, and she is keen to use her passion for writing to rekindle others’ love for the landscapes around them. She has held an exhibition of her green-themed poetry with Positive Images Festival, been published online by Headline Poetry & Press, in print by Silver Apples Magazine, and will have work in forthcoming print editions of CovWords and Headline’s Restoration v.1 issue.
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