(Tell Them) It’s All Just a Nightmare by Nadine Cruz (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

i. prologue
Mayari howls.
The cries demand retribution, execution of plastic ears.
Still, smokescreen leaks into the dim, shadow-filled dens.

ii. felony i (syn. innocence, ‘sacrifice’, homicide)
he is an innocent boy he is infallibly guilty, loaded gun between his eyes.
“Please don’t—!” point blank shot—another guilty one dies (lies).

iii. felony ii (syn. equity, equality, anti-oppression)
to till the land, sweat cultivating dampened earth they are assassins, terrorists
“Please don’t—!” point blank shot—massacred due execution (lies).

iv. felony iii (syn. victimized, ignored, purposely neglected)
at rest from casting nets for fish; rammed into, left to die it was a regular, sorry accident.
“No!” point blank disregard—offense to the victim, defense to the culprit.

v. felony X (syn. rally, rebellion, anti-fascism)
placards, megaphone demands for retribution; justice.
vanguard goddess later kidnapped disappears.

vi. death
Body floats up to the surface of the river
charred. They flip to check the face
unrecognizable. The rest of the body laid
bare. Cuts and bruises and violation, but HUSH—
(you will be next if you speak too loud.)

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