Stop Grieving by Sneha Subramanian Kanta (Lucent Dreaming Issue 2)

Stop Grieving

by Sneha Subramanian Kanta

upon visiting the grave of Désirée. Holland, 2015

“harmonise” – George Eliot

and pause to record the width
of sullen in this empty night
how autumn needs dark
to layer thick blankets of foliage

two kapok leaves rest over
the spine of a book that cradles
you when dusk embraces cold.

and chart the borderless route
a mosquito practises on the wall
your mouth full of quietude,
the silent inside of a red heart

tongue that gains warmth from
speckles as furnace flames flicker,
nozzles of syllables in your mind.

and think of dual reverberations
in a forest: insects and bamboo
with wild lilies amid thick drops
of snow, then dream in white

enter an orchard before autumn
dots the entire land and taste
the tangerine inside a pumpkin.


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