soul food by Hatice Acikgoez (Lucent Dreaming Issue 9)

sometimes i want to eat language

feel my mouth watering
as i think about the delicacy
of beautiful words

explore the crunchiness
when i bite into each letter

i want to
soak the alphabet
in milk and honey

tingle the tip of my tongue with syllables
search for deep bitterness in consonants

eat myself to life
as silky smooth vowels
trickle down my throat

enjoy a dish made of words
delectable flavours
still lingering in my mouth

even now i can hear
my stomach growling
as i digest
every word
i ate up

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Hatice Acikgoez is an emerging writer from Germany. She is currently studying Literature at the University of Hamburg. She writes short stories, poems and novels and has also worked as a bookseller.

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