seven disney princesses fall headlong into a new tale by Timi Sanni (Lucent Dreaming Issue 9)

here, a big-footed cinderella wears leather
sandals in place of glass slippers, sword-
in-hand, she walks into the arena to fight
a tournament —this ball begets only the
dance of blades. our lovely rapunzel hides
daggers in her golden bob cut. she sold
her long, long hair for a chance at revenge.
elsa, princess of frost & perpetual snow
rides a camel to the sahara / on a cold quest
for summer. splendid ariel sits on a rock
telling the mermaids’ tale, unworried
that she can no longer carry a tune. snow
, our good lady of the dwarfs / travels
to kenya & returns as ebony. mirror, mirror
on the wall, who is the darkest of them all?

a wide-eyed aurora, insomniac beauty
seeks the quietude of oblivion, but only
elven kisses carry magic as deep as sleep. &
belle, curious belle, is taming the beast
who is herself. how wrong we were when
we thought oh! i know this tale so well
because here, there’s no villain, no starry-
eyed witch, no knight in shining armour
as an 11th-hour messiah, just princesses,
clad in steel, or fiery desires, fighting
their demons, one strike & then another
& then another. no such thing as happily-
ever-after in this place of blood and sweat.

Timi Sanni is a Nigerian writer and editor. An NF2W scholar in poetry and fiction, his work appears or is forthcoming in Palette Poetry, Olongo Africa, Down River Road, Drinking Gourd Magazine, X-R-A-Y Literary, Cypress Press, The Temz Review, and elsewhere. He won the SprinNG Poetry Contest and Fitrah Review Short Story Prize in 2020. He is a reader for CRAFT Literary and Liminal Transit Review and an editor at Kalopsia Literary.
@timisanni | @timixsanni
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