Preorder Issue 7


Preorder issue 7. Due to be published June 2020.

Independent magazine of creative writing featuring work from Jodie Day, Laura Theis, Fabrice Poussin, Fionna Cumming, Rachel Cleverly, Koji A. Dae, Tim Fab-Eme, Eithar Almosibeah, Ellen Harrison, Laure Van Rensburg, Helen Rear, E. Samples, Abi Hynes, Lew Furber, R. J. Beck, Kolawole Samuel Adebayo, Dahlia Lotus Black, DS Maolalai, Janet Innes, Taofeek Ayeyemi, A C Clarke, Rasheda Janan, Shan Ahmed, Kaila Gallacher, Waverly March, Grace Safford, Jacqueline Grima, David Cook and Belinda Farn.

A5, 120gsm paper.