Issue 10 Zoom Launch Tickets: 7pm – 8.30pm 6th December 2021

Join us for the indie magazine launch event of the year, with readings from our issue 10 contributors.


This event will be hosted and recorded on Zoom, with captions enabled and a PDF on screen. The publisher acknowledges the financial support of the Books Council of Wales.


More details coming soon.



Why is this launch event not free to attend?

Creative writing and its performance is undervalued. Like much of the arts, there is an expectation that the work is free and that exposure is everything. While we love free events and free admission, that’s not exactly the kind of arts landscape we want always to reinforce. This issue and the launch event is the collective result of hundreds of hours of work. An amateur comedy show can charge £5 for a ticket for a handful of performers, so we think an evening of readings should charge too.

We really believe in equitable opportunities and passing it forward, so if you can afford to pay more, or cannot afford a ticket, please choose the ‘Pay as you can afford’ option and enter the amount that best suits you. We suggest your household income (in £) divided by 10,000, and then squared.


£20,000: £4

£35,000: £12.25


You can download this spreadsheet to do the sum automatically.


If you’re in the UK and your household income is less than £16,000 (not including benefits), your ticket is free. Just input 0 into the box after selecting the Pay as you can afford option.