Creative Expression through Poetry and Prose

Dabbled in writing poems or stories and want to expand your knowledge and experience? The course will take you from draft 0 to 1, covering some of the skills you will need to enhance your writing, including idea generation, an introduction to poetic and prose forms, discipline, critique, drafting and editing.

You must commit to at least 4 hours of work each week to take this course, and be available on Monday evenings (5.30pm-6.30pm) to attend one of our live sessions. This course begins the week starting July 5th and runs for 9 weeks.

Suggested prices:
£0: If you have no income, please do not pay.

£20: Depending on your circumstances if you have income (and can afford it). This works out to less than £2.50 per session.

£40: Works out to less than £5 per weekly session.

£100: Full-price if you earn more than £22k (or if you can afford it).