No Need to Worry by Justine Gardner (Lucent Dreaming Issue 9)

There has been a heatwave for days.

The dog lies with its nose
in the air conditioner’s face.
The blinds are shut against the blaze
fingering the windowpanes.

But no need to worry,
we’ll be fine, as long as
the power stays on,
and the groceries are delivered.

(Although, the site is now a spinning ball,

and I don’t have a number to call.)

The water comes up rust most mornings.

I rang for the super—yelled his name
down the heat-blasted stairwell
until my lungs gave in to the sear.

The news suggests going out at night,
or it did the last time it was on.
In any case, we don’t go out at all.

But as long as the power stays on,
we should be all right.

We should be all right,
as long as the power stays on

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