maghrib by Sodïq Oyèkànmí (Lucent Dreaming Issue 13)

time & seasons are in God’s hands
it is Friday/ i sujood in the masjid

& asks God to return me
back/ to the spring of my life

a life where there’s still enough light/
in the eyes of my mother

where the pictures of our home
is still hanging/ perfectly/ on the walls

& not fraying at the edges/ decaying/
slowly/ gathering dust

no tears/ no epitaphs/
draping the faces of our laughters

God/ what time is it
in this page of my life

what season/ is coming next
what solat/ must i observe/ again

to shift this solar of suffering
my wishes/ & prayers run

in lyrical lines like the Nile
outside/ the night rain pelts

the brown skin of my street/ grief
beats the black skin of my soul

Sodïq Oyèkànmí is a poet and thespian from Nigeria. A 2022/23 Poetry Translation Centre UNDERTOW Fellow. He won the Unserious Collective Fellowship (2023). His works are published/ forthcoming in Frontier Poetry, MPT Magazine, North Dakota Quarterly, Passages North and Poetry Wales.
T: @sodiqoyekan | I: @sodiq_oyekanmi

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