Lucent Dreaming has Officially Launched its Debut Issue!

Last Saturday (April 28th), Lucent Dreaming officially launched its debut issue from Rabble Studio. 52 wonderful supporters and friends helped mark the beginning of our Lucent Dream. It was our first opportunity to sell our magazines, notebooks and merch, but also to talk about how Lucent Dreaming started and what it means to the team. After signing our guestbook, asking guests to tell us about their dreams, we had talks from our editors, Jannat Ahmed, Jess Beynon and Joachim Buur, as well as poetry readings from our published poets Taylor Edmonds and Poppy Jennings.

You can read more about our event from our fantastic guests Alys Jones from Creative Cardiff, and Taylor Edmonds.

For those of you who couldn’t attend our event but want to get your hands on our magazines and notebooks, visit our buying page!


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