Lucent Dreaming 2022 Prize: Poetry Longlist

We are excited to share this year’s Lucent Dreaming Prize Poetry longlist, as selected by Emmy Clarke, Charlotte Murray, Maggie Wang and the Lucent Dreaming team. The shortlist and winners of the prize, announced at the end of the month, will be selected by Kandace Siobhan Walker.

Longlisted titles (in no particular order):

PLEASE NOTE: We are missing some contact details due to a Google form error. If you are one the poets with missing contact details, please email us at
And, if you know one of the poets, please ask them to contact us. Please do not email their contact details to us without permission.

Matt Broomfield: the poet miguel hernandez uses his one phone call from a fascist jail cell to call pablo neruda
Chris Kinsey: Farewell to a Rescue Hound
Chris Kinsey: Late February Morning
Deborah Harvey: It can be hard to feel hopeful when everything’s beautiful
Rachel Dickens: Reap What You Sow
Barry Fentiman Hall: YOU WILL HEAR HORSES
Kate Millar: ‘My spirits that lifted me so high, went off like smoke after a shot’
Kate Millar: Sensations of strenuous briefness
Paul atten Ash: Harbour Coat
Holly Peters: Allergens in Bold
A C Clarke: Change
Elsa Schack: Deciduous
Elsa Schack: Seed
Elsa Schack: Town
Jeffrey Skinner: Walking Prayer
Jeffrey Skinner: River, Bear
Christina Charles: Charm for Birthing Difficulties
Harriet Hargreaves: Hometown Half-mile
SM: Detour
Perla Kantarjian: on this i lean my crash, i soften
Perla Kantarjian: my name is dream
Perla Kantarjian: in this castle of linen air we are but two birds
Perla Kantarjian: eating fruit with you before you leave
Bethany Handley: My Body’s Not a Battlefield
Shahida: Daughters
Stephanie Powell: We are young and delicious
dez: a fall poem
Yessica Klein: I Am A Child Of Spring
Lori Bellamy: Lessons From a Weed
Matt Broomfield: for the bayraktar drone
Jamie Woods: A New Hope
Megan Nichols: #108
Helen Bowie: Poprawa
Barry Fentiman Hall: Spin
Barry Fentiman Hall: Big
Rosalind Moran: The Pastel Valley
[MISSING CONTACT DETAILS] John Martin: Sky in your mouth
Paul atten: Ash Black Moon
Luke Carmichael Valmadrid: Overtones of hammer-struck yearnings, No.1, Op.23
Kelly Davis: Life finds a way
[MISSING CONTACT DETAILS] Avery Brannigan: South
Linda Burnett: from the dark side
Carolyn Gillespie: Unmarked Graves: Kamloops, Indian Residential School, BC, 2021
Steven Urquhart Bell: Hope Twangs Eternal
Jean Bird: Madam Butterfly
Bethany Handley: PIP
Barbara Elin: – almost –
Victoria C. Roskams: No Leaves
Jane Frank: Moon Garden
Boroch: The Walks
Carmina Masoliver: Shaneeka is not your friend anymore
Laura Theis: blessings
Julia Smith: Hope
rennie: The Croning Mirror
Nora Nadjarian: Memoirs of a Beautiful Daughter
Naomi George: Fruit Bowl
Shonagh Musgrave: That you will one day fall
Eleanor Bradley: Hope
Henry Morgan Rush: Unexpected
Michele Witthaus: FLOW

The winners will be announced at the end of August 2022.

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