Lorraine Sadler in the Spotlight

Lorraine, whose piece ‘A Matter of Time in a Game of Chance’ was published in the fourth issue of Lucent Dreaming, was raised in rural Norfolk and a deep love for nature has always been her creative muse. Also a keen philosopher she loves to explore our human relationship with the natural world which can translate to a painting of joy and beauty yet simultaneously of loss and existential enquiry. Lorraine enjoyed a career as a dancer, aerial circus performer and stunt Wingwalker before transitioning to art full time. The sensations of euphoria and altered perspectives she experienced helped to shape the way she likes to explore the warping of dimensions and the questioning of reality within her paintings which she refers to as ‘metaphorical mindscapes’. In this interview she talks about how her ‘obsessive’ passion for nature inspires her art.

So, what inspired your piece ‘A Matter of Time in a Game of Chance’ and how did it find its way to Lucent Dreaming?

I am often inspired to create paintings based on the origins and evolution of life using symbols of birth and renewal. This painting began quite simply as a figure emerging from an earth-like ‘chrysalis’ but as I worked on putting the composition together I felt compelled to explore ideas around existential angst. I have always been interested in philosophising concepts of time and space and the nature of reality. Humanity is at a very interesting crossroads right now; we are ever more aware of the impact we have on our planet and our technology is getting to a point where we live many hours of our daily lives in a virtual reality. We are also on the cusp of interplanetary travel and we face many important decisions which can quite literally alter the course of humanity. These thoughts and more are all woven into this painting. When I noticed that Lucent Dreaming were open to submissions I hoped that the surreal and thought provoking nature of the piece would be a good fit for this refreshingly creative publication…I am very happy that you agreed and have decided to feature it!

What does creating art mean to you?

This has changed over the years, I used to just enjoy the process of realistic rendering and creating a beautiful image but now it is very much more about expressing my inner thoughts and feelings. As somebody with an obsessive passion for nature it is an avenue for me to indulge my intrigue in the workings of the natural world even when I am sat indoors at an easel. It is also a way for me to live in a constant state of wonder and euphoria, I’m not good with mundane ‘reality’!

What writing/creative projects are you currently working on?

Over the last couple of years I have spent a lot of time creating large, complex compositions with multiple layers of meaning to them. I absolutely love doing these but they each take many months to complete so I am currently working on a series of smaller and more simplified portrait based paintings. As with my previous work these continue to be motivated by the metaphysical and fantastical spectrum of nature’s offerings but there is a common divine feminine/gaia thread running through them.

What are you most excited about right now and for the future?

We are living in a time when automation plays a larger part in our lives than ever before resulting in more hours and opportunities to be ever more creative. As the next generation grow up instilled with greater awareness of the human impact and increasing technological understanding I am intrigued to see what creative innovations will spring forth. I like to think that creative souls such as those who contribute to Lucent Dreaming play an important role in keeping people in touch with their true nature, it is easy to lose oneself amid the noise and mayhem of modern life so it is fascinating to see how the arts are reacting and adapting to this.

How and where do you find inspiration to do your craft?

Along with the wonders of the natural world I can be inspired by just about anything! A piece of music, an ancient myth, science fiction writing, a cultural belief, fellow visual artists, philosophical podcasts, even a single written word can ignite the creative embers.

What advice would you give those who want to do what you do?

Just be prepared for a journey into the unknown. The creative process can lead you to some strange and bewildering inner places. The practical side of selling work for a living is immensely challenging but I do believe in creating work that is authentic to your own voice rather than work that follows trends. If you don’t create what really moves you then it seems like a self-defeating undertaking to me.

Where can people see more of you and your work?

My website is https://www.lorrainesadler.com where you can see a broad portfolio of my work. I sell limited edition prints through The Acorn Gallery in Yorkshire and I have an Etsy shop too. I post regularly on instagram (@lorrainesadlerart) and I will be exhibiting in Leamington Spa during the month of June as part of Warwickshire Open Studios.

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