Illustration by Kamila Krol: Kamila (also known as Pigeon) is a Polish illustrator based in Wales. She works with ink drawing and digital colour to create images inspired by dreams and folklore. She’s also an author of a comic Rusalka and is working on the second volume of the story. @pigeonxperson

I saw a man in a suit on the seafront. by Jessica Millson (Lucent Dreaming Issue 11)

The sea is rising, slowly.
Currently at ankle height.
I do not know whether he stands
To admire beauty or await the rising tide.
I wish to wait and watch the sea
Climb higher on his grey suit
Until the ash wool resembles
Charcoal after a fire. To watch it
Reach the knees, hips, elbows…
But I do not wish to see him drown.
The image is so serene, so meant,
That it would be like burning poetry,
Scrapping art, to save him now.
His knees are wet.
So I watch, for a moment more
Then go
Wandering back across the pier
And wonder for a week or two
How high the tide rose.

Jessica Millson (she/they) is a student, actor, and writer. They study English Literature at the University of Bristol and have been writing poetry for open mic events for around two years. This is their first published poem and they’re very excited to keep creating.

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