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We are a biannual print and online magazine run by a team of volunteers;  we’d like to be known as the early-adopters of every wonderful new and emerging author and artist we find in our inbox. Lucent Dreaming is the place to find new writing from new writers, and for new writers to grow. 

To writers/artists:

We are currently hosting our 2020 creative writing contest for short stories and poetry, with cash prizes, publication and exclusive merchandise to be won. Submit your writing by 30th May 2020 10pm UK time for your chance to win. Entry fee £4/free if you can’t afford it.

We are open for short story, flash fiction, poetry, art and non-fiction submissions from underrepresented writers until 14th March. Full submission guidelines can be found here.

To readers/supporters:

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Curious? Peruse issue 0 and issue 1 which are freely available to read on our website! In our attempt to improve access, all our digital editions are pay-what-you-can-afford