Finale by Wendy Allen (Lucent Dreaming Issue 13)

We’re looking at an empty plinth. The sign
describes an unseen installation, the artwork
of the Internal Anxiety of my Lover Leaving.
You taste me open, one hand gripping the
white of a gasp. Inside I sound tidal. You hold
your ear to the part where I feel it build, you
say you can only hear silence. This is true. I
often pretend we’re at an undisclosed beach;
it’s always winter there. After, you message to
say you had been to the finale; I found a place
in Italy where on a desolate island I saw you
without me standing by a rockpool.

Wendy Allen is a PhD researcher at Manchester Met. Her pamphlet, Portrait in Mustard, will be published by Seren in October 2024.
T: @WendyCaitlin I: @_wendy_caitlin

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