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Call for Short Story, Poetry and Artwork Submissions for Issue 3 of Lucent Dreaming

WE’RE OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR SHORT STORY, POETRY AND ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS FOR THE THIRD ISSUE OF LUCENT DREAMING. We’re looking for original, memorable, beautiful, imaginative and surreal fiction and artwork from new and emerging authors/artists worldwide. View our submission guidelines and read our blog post about the submissions we like best. Our theme is

Why we aren’t a paying market

Over the past 10 months since our Lucent Dreaming website opened for submissions we’ve been asked several times, both graciously and ungraciously, why we don’t pay our contributors. It isn’t a tough question to answer: we currently can’t afford it. When my friends and I started Lucent Dreaming with no

Call for Short Story and Poetry Submissions for Issue 2 of Lucent Dreaming

We’re officially open for short story and poetry submissions for the second issue of Lucent Dreaming. We’re looking for original, memorable, beautiful, surreal and strange fiction from new and emerging authors worldwide. View our submission guidelines and read our blog post about the submissions we like best. Please help us

What kind of submissions are Lucent Dreaming actually looking for?

If you’re wondering whether LD is right for your story/poem/art, read this post!

Call for Short Story and Poetry Submissions! Lucent Dreaming is Looking for Original Writing for its Debut Issue

December is finally upon us and, as promised, we’ve opened our doors to short story and poetry submissions! If you write surreal, hopeful, exciting fiction and/or poetry we’d love to read it. Submit your fiction and poetry to us by following our guidelines. Don’t forget to share, tweet and reblog

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