Brexit: an A to Z guide by Sarah Evans (Lucent Dreaming Issue 6)

A is for Article 50, for Anglo angst and anger, for acrimonious divorce and zero agreement

B is for Britain and being big again, for Brussels bureaucrats and bent bananas,
for buses, bad deals, blue passports (beats burgundy) and for betrayal. B is for Brexit

C is for customs and cliff-edge, for cherries (picking), Chequers (chaos)
and for citizens of everywhere and nowhere

D is for deeply divided

E is for European Union, for enemy judges and the out-of-touch elite. E is for electoral

F is for fraud, for project fear, free movement, flaming foreigners and fantasy futures

G is for get on with it and going it alone

H is for hard, for having cake and eating it and holding no cards

I is for Irish borders and backstops, and for ignoring reality. I is for island

J is for just do it

K is for kingdom (broken) and kindness (lacking) and knowledge (who needs it?)

L is for leave, for leave means leave, for lies and lose-lose

M is for majority

N is for narrow, for nationhood and negotiation, for NHS dividend (nil) and for no deal

O is for oscillating opinion

P is for polls and populist, for parliamentary impasse and a People’s Vote (possibly)

Q is for queue-jumping and for consequential questions

R is for referendum, for regret and recession (probable). R is for remoaner till I die

S is for single market and sterling slipping, for sovereignty and surrender,
for EU summits (several), saboteurs, an act of suicide and the desire to stay

T is for taking back control and Turkish hordes (non-existent),
for twenty-seven other countries and time (wasted). T is for tragic

U is for uncertainty and for a universally unloved, un-united UK

V is for in/out voting and a vast variety of views

W is for withdrawal and the people’s wayward will, for WTO and WTF do experts know?

X is for xenophobia and a lack of love and a mark on a ballot paper. X is for exit

Y is for why? and for selling-out the young

Z is for zipping-it and zealots and an ever shifting zeitgeist,
for zero-sum games and zero to gain. Z is for zero.

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