(baby don’t hurt me) by Waverly SM (Lucent Dreaming Issue 7)

love is a nectarine if anything, narratologically
significant of course, 99 cents from the ralphs
down the street or love is small change rescued
from the cafeteria and a shared detergent cup 
to wash a dress clean of heartbreak

or an echo of a song, a hand like an anchor
in the unmooring night or a mourning
borne together, a raised glass or a worn-down 
silence held careful close and cherished
love is holding i suppose, like recognition

like listening like acknowledgement, love
is a seat at the table for the left-behind the lost 
dancing through the long goodbye, savouring
every instant every triumph, a little stone
sheltered safe in my bruised fruitflesh heart.

Waverly SM is a speculative fiction writer preoccupied with apocalypses, impossible choices, and the ambient trauma of living in the world. They’re a 2019 Lambda Literary Fellow and have been mentored, as part of a cohort of emerging LGBTQ+ voices, by Benjamin Alire Saenz. Waverly studied English at Newnham College, Cambridge; since then, their work has appeared in magazines and anthologies both in print and online. They can currently be found trying to approximate the anchorite lifestyle in Oxford.
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