At the End of the Rainbow by Dahlia Lotus Black (Lucent Dreaming Issue 7)

Take me out of this suburban pain,
Show me the beauty of the wind in my hair.
Tint my skin green with the wet grass of freedom,
I want to feel the rain cast down into my soul.

What does it feel like to see beauty all around you?

Sit with me atop a mountain and let me spill my insanity,
These four walls are my existence shrouded in misery.
My grey horizon is opaque glass,
I need the deep blue ocean air to drown my lungs.

Where do the endless clouds end?

My ghost roams a forest of dust whilst dreaming of leaves,
Melancholy queen of drunk domestication.
Grass browning at the tips and I realise nothing is immortal,
The inevitability of my old core rotting sparks hope within my heart.

When will my true lotus rise?

Turn my darkness into the pastels of sunlight’s kiss,
Watch the oceans’ pearls radiate from within my being.
Glitter dances behind my glossy eyes,
Let my inner diamond shine for the new eternity.

Why must I wait for a light in the cave?

Violet skies tainted with jet black ink,
Paint my pain with honesty.
Scarlet rivers flow through to my fingers and out,
Take the smoke from my throat.

How do I make my eyes see the halo around time?

Let me exhale my tragedies and my somber shadows,
The whites of my eyes like snow against the ebony skyline.
Soon the halting screech of stillness will plague me,
And at the end of the rainbow…

Who will hold my hand in skeleton night?

Dahlia Lotus Black is a previously unpublished poet from Perth, Scotland. She started writing poetry only a few years ago, after having been inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s works. Her work is predominantly dark and focused upon heavy imagery. When she walks around the world, she focuses upon words that inspire her to create.
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