Air by Rafiat Lamidi (Lucent Dreaming Issue 12)

laughter is vulnerability. i have given out all of my aching. the way you attach sunflowers to your name. i love you but i won’t tell you. i will let you call me beautiful today and tomorrow. i will hold your hand reaching out to me across the window of a moving bus. i will travel for you. i will ride a million motorcycles through unknown streets to reach you. i will do all this just to see your perfect face under a thousand shining lights. sometimes, i think i am vain looking at your face for so long, leaning in a little too close to whisper in your ear, pretending not to smile when you hold the camera to my face in a room full of people. but you are also so kind. and i am not good enough. i will live knowing i loved too for a moment. you capturing me forever

Rafiat Lamidi is a lover of art who resides in Nigeria. She creates through writing, painting and photography. Her works have been published in Kalahari Review, Isele Magazine, Lolwe, Kissing Dynamite, Olney Magazine and elsewhere. She is eternally grateful for sleep and rain.
T: @rauvsbunny | I: @damirafia

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